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Medications and medical procedures are crucial in acute situations, but cannot create health. Health is created living in harmony with the universal rhythm. It is crafted in the small moments of your daily life. And wellbeing can be present even when life is messy, and in the midst of physical illness.

Want to feel better?

Avoid medications?

Have more energy?

A coach can help you succeed.

Making lifestyle change is a monumental task on your own; a relationship with an ally will make a difference in sustaining your progress. As your coach, I help you to align your goals with your true desires so that success flows naturally, and to anticipate and prepare for challenges so they don't throw you off course. You are the expert on what works for you. My work is to reflect and amplify your inner wisdom. 


I am a registered nurse. I understand the scientific underpinnings of disease and I am equipped to coach individuals at any point along the spectrum of wellness/illness. I am also a board certified coach and student of integrative health, experienced in many approaches to healing and transformation.

"Stephanie created a grounding and focused atmosphere that nourished me...the space she held laid the foundation for the habits I have today." ~Adah H.

I offer one-on-one sessions either in person in Kingston, NY, or anywhere via Skype. Together we will build a plan to meet your goals. 

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Health coaching with a spiritual foundation from a registered nurse.


Dr. Stephanie Hope, RN


  • Registered Nurse, BSN - background in oncology and hospice

  • Doctor of Nursing Practice - Integrative Health and Healing

  • Nurse Coach - Board Certified

  • Reiki II Attuned

  • Student of yoga, meditation, breath work, prayer, mantra, astrology, plant medicine, music and dance, and sacred teachings of many faiths.


I am inspired by Florence Nightingale's example of merging the highest spiritual values with the most mundane practical realities. I support clients in deep self-exploration and assist them in translating their discoveries into small and meaningful changes in daily life. 


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For Clients

I offer one-on-one health coaching sessions in my office in Uptown Kingston, or at your convenience via Skype.

Each session begins with a mindfulness centering practice and ends by identifying measurable goals and an action plan. The heart of each session is inner discovery, guided by the client and facilitated by the coach. I tailor the coaching plan for each client.


The first session is 60 minutes, subsequent sessions are 30-60 minutes depending your needs. Sessions can be weekly or biweekly. I offer a discount when signing up for a package of six 60 minute sessions.

I offer traditional coaching techniques like motivational interviewing and goal setting and measurement. Alternative modalities such as reiki, breath work, sound healing can be interwoven into sessions for clients who are interested. I can coordinate with your doctor, therapist, or holistic healthcare provider at your request, as well as make referrals for other services that can benefit you.

I would love to work with you to meet your goals and transform your health. Enter your contact info to schedule a free phone consultation.


For Providers

As a healthcare provider, you understand the current epidemic of chronic illness. According to the CDC, chronic diseases are responsible for 7 of 10 deaths each year, and treating people with chronic diseases accounts for 86% of our nation’s health care costs.

You also know the gap that exists between your ability to recommend a course of action and your patient's ability to act upon your recommendations and make lifestyle changes for improved health.

As a health coach, I can bridge the gap. I work one-on-one with clients to kindle their motivation and to overcome the particular barriers that hinder them from implementing and sticking with changes. 

As an expereinced registered nurse, I speak the language of healthcare and understand the nature of complex and co-morbid conditions. I can educate patients about the physiology of their illness, and incorporate provider recommendations. My practice is supported by a knowledge of the evidence base for complementary modalities and coaching techniques.

I also offer classes and coaching groups for a variety of skills and conditions. Do you want to recommend meditation to your patients but you don't have the time or expertise to teach it? Do your patients ask you if there are alternatives that can help them avoid medication? Could your patients benefit from a class on nutrition, or a coaching group for stress management?  I can work with you to develop group offerings that are tailored to your patient population.

Enter your contact info to schedule a free consultation, either in person or via phone or Skype. I would love to help you accelerate your patients' progress.